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“Noel is a fantastic coach and human being. I admire her enthusiastic and skilled approach and the way she motivates everyone to work to their fullest athletic potential. I met her about a year ago in her spin class she was teaching and she found a great way to talk with me about my fitness goals and suggested I work on my core strength. I am a pretty self-motivated athlete, but since meeting Noel and training with Tri Grit, my fitness has reached a whole new level. I didn’t think I’d be in this great of shape at this point in my life. Thanks to Noel I am setting new goals and surpassing them on a regular basis. Tri Grit has been a game changer for me and seamlessly works into my full life where I balance workouts with parenting, work, and other interests.”
-Amy Pearson

“I want to say how much I appreciated training with Noel for the Marin County Tri. Noel’s knowledge, presence, and encouragement were key to my successfully completing the race. I enjoyed the experience tremendously.”
-Alison Williams

“Noel is a pro. She works well with many different personalities and goal sets always offering insightful and result producing advice. She’s got a great sense of humor which makes working with her a pleasure. I highly recommend her for any of your fitness needs.”
-Erik Jorgensen

“I worked with Noel first in her capacity as head coach of the See Jane Run Triathlon Team. She effectively worked to prepare me both physically and mentally for my first triathlon, which I completed successfully [for context, I had completed my first 5K only 6 months before starting the tri training, so Noel had her work cut out for her!]. Noel worked effectively to build a training program that met the needs of a diverse group of women with a range of fitness levels and experience. She had a keen sense for each person’s capabilities, and helped us each set appropriate goals and reach them.
I subsequently hired Noel as a personal trainer (as part of a small-group winter boot camp to bridge between Fall and Spring triathlon training seasons) and continued to be impressed with the quality of her work. She has an innate sense for when you need to be pushed a bit more, and when you need encouragement – and how to balance the two. Over the course of a 13-week I had measurable improvements across every dimension (fitness tests, weight and % body fat).
I look forward to the opportunity to work with Noel again in the future.”
-Cathi Ahearn

“Noel is a skilled coach with a wealth of knowledge about triathlon training, body mechanics, and strength training for optimal performance. Her expertise, coupled with a positive, highly motivating attitude helped me reach my triathlon training goal of placing in the top 10 in my age group. I can also recommend her as a group exercise or personal trainer. While I worked through an injury, Noel we was able to modify my workouts so I was still getting results without risking reinjury.
Noel’s workouts are challenging, her personality is fun and laid-back, and she knows how to get results.”
-Alyssa Tecklenburg

“I worked with Noel to in preparation for a triathlon, she was an excellent coach. Noel put together a great training plan, worked with me three days a week, and ultimately helped me exceed my goals. Not only is she a wonderful coach, Noel is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude, and wonderful personality maked even the toughest training days a great experience. Noel has the right coaching combination of supportiveness combined with toughness so that you get it done, and feel great about it.”
-Suzanne Greenberg

“Noel is an inspiring coach, athlete and mentor. As head coach of the See Jane Run triathlon team, Noel taught us everything there is to know about triathlon and encouraged us to reach our full potential. She helped me surpass all boundaries and find true joy and fulfillment in triathlon!
Beyond that, Noel truly cares about her clients and enjoys sharing her passion for the sport with new athletes. Even after our training season came to a close, Noel came out to support me and 2 other athletes at our first olympic event.
I feel lucky to have learned from such a positive, successful and enthusiastic athlete and plan (and encourage others) to support Noel in any boot camp/training team or fitness group she organizes.”
-Renata Lerner

“Noel’s boot camps are, in a word, AMAZING. She is motivating, encouraging, and incredibly professional; there are never moments of waiting around, wondering what to do next. Every class is original and different, and Noel will push you to new levels every time. After having my second baby, a month of her boot camp took off five pounds and added strength, speed, and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I am seriously jealous of all you Californians who have the opportunity to work with Noel now…we miss her back in Austin!”
-Taylor Bowles

“Noel’s an excellent instructor who is constantly coming up with challenging, varied workouts that will prevent you from becoming easily bored. She’s also good at tailoring the degree of difficulty of workouts to large mixed groups. She gives good pointers on your form and isn’t afraid to let you know when you’re slacking. She also has a great sense of humor and kept me laughing throughout the workouts. She is missed (come back to Austin)!”
-Greg Chalpek

“I met Noel while attending one of her high energy spin classes several years ago, and she was such an inspiration that I decided to get certified to teach! Noel brings many years of experience in fitness, teaching, and fitness center management. She has the gift to motivate her students to work harder than they ever thought they could when they walk through the door to one of her creative classes. Both students and employees look to Noel as an expert and inspiration as she is always up on the latest industry trends and offers excellent health advice. Noel would bring this expertise and energy to any fitness program, and I strongly recommend her.”
-Karen Killough

“Noel is an excellent Group Exercise Instructor and Manager. She has excelled in many areas of the fitness industry from corporate fitness management to group exercise instruction. Her professional training and experience coupled with her personal love for fitness make Noel someone people trust with their fitness goals and want to follow. She stays on top of what is going on in the industry, new research and exercises to add to her classes. Her classes always draw a crowd and provide results for the participants.”
-Sarah Westerfield

“I’ve spent many years (15+) taking group exercise classes at various health clubs. Of all of the many instructors, Noel easily ranks as #1 – the absolute best in terms of motivating the class, establishing outstanding routines (spinning, weights, abs, etc.) – and routines that vary from class to class to avoid boring repetition. She always listened to feedback and was open to new ideas as well. Many of the people she worked with were “exercise-aholics” and she was able to push us to new limits and new levels of fitness.
She was always in a great mood (even at 6:00 in the morning) and her energy and positive approach had a very positive impact on the class. This in turn lead to her classes being among the most popular and crowded as word got around.”
-Brian Ritter

“Noel is a class-act when personal or group training is involved. I had the pleasure of meeting Noel almost five years ago, and have remained a loyal client and friend during this time.
Noel is patient, energetic, and most importantly extremely knowledgeable of physical and nutritional well-being.
I know that when I step into a session with Noel, she will make the best use of our time, whether 30 minutes, or more than one hour. Noel is an accomplished athlete, and shares this expertise with others. She is truly inspiring!”
-Jackie Adamcik

“Noel is a great motivator and truly loves to help people and see them succeed. She was always encouraging me, as well as everyone else, to push ourselves to higher levels whether it was running, spin class, weights, cross training or boot camp. Being very personable, Noel was always able to persuade others to join in on whatever class she was teaching. It was often difficult to find an open spot in Spin Class if you didn’t arrive early. Noel would be a great asset to any health club, fitness center, client seeking a great personal trainer, etc.”
-Tim Evans